Juggling School Holidays And Work

August 01, 2017

Juggling School Holidays And Work


The summer holidays are here, and the brood and I have just returned from a lovely week in Woolacombe Bay - cue the rumble of thunder, and the deluge of rain... But we didn't let it dampen our spirits, and instead we embraced the rain rather than let it ruin the holiday!

It was so nice for me to not have to rush around like a headless chicken and instead slow down to smell the sea air, and to play with the children! Holidays are where memories are made, so I fully embraced our time away. Of course I did take some travel candles with me to light while I was having a nice hot bath once the children were tucked safely up in bed (that was the lavender and geranium rose if you were interested). 

Which brings me on to my next point - having to juggle the summer holidays whilst running and growing a business. Over the last few weeks I have felt like I was epically failing at everything! It's only now that we are in the swing of it I feel more comfortable with not having control, and actually enjoying the spontaneity of Fred running in dressed in some sort of home made space suit while I am on the phone to a major client, or Cece interrupting me asking me for more ‘Hula Hoops’! It doesn't mean I'm being unprofessional, it's just me trying my best to run a business and be a mother. For those of you in a similar situation, here are my top 5 tips for keeping kids entertained whilst working from home: 

1. Make Time For Yourself Every Day

It's so important to grab some time for yourself each day. Every morning I wake up at 6:30am and go for a run. I try to make sure I have an hour each morning dedicated to either exercise, meditation or yoga. There are some fantastic resources available online such as the Headspace  app which teaches you to meditate, and so many yoga videos on Youtube. Yoga With Adriene is a great channel for bitesized yoga routines for all abilities. Setting that time aside helps me to feel more connected to myself, more in control of the day and generally much happier. 
2. Lists, lists and more lists!
Every Sunday I get organised for the week ahead by writing my to-do list for work and the kids. I give myself time to online shop and plan my meals for the week, as well as booking in play dates. If I've planned everything for the kids then I don't have to worry about finding time to get work done.
3. Get Creative
Keeping your kids occupied over the holidays doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. If you're stuck for ideas, there are some great tips and games online. We spent a rainy morning playing with Play-Doh last week and the kids loved it! 
4. Find Cheap Deals On Days Out
If you've had enough of staying in already, try searching on sites such as or Groupon. You'll find plenty of inspiration, and loads of cheap days out! 
5. Let Them Be Bored!
Lastly, if they are wandering around the house saying they are bored, then leave them to it! they need to feel bored, imagination and productivity stems from boredom! We can’t be there to hold their hands all the time they need to go and find their own fun!