'Cleanse and Align' - Frankincense | Myrrh | Sandalwood | Lavender

Our ‘Cleanse and Align’ fragrance combines frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood and lavender essential oils. With a light but sharp fragrance that changes each time you smell the candle, the frankincense induces the feeling of peace and relaxation while the sandalwood helps promote mental clarity, calmness and improves memory. Myrhh’s antidepressant qualities coupled with lavender’s anxiety and stress reducing qualities make this the perfect meditative blend.

The Bird Box candles are lovingly hand made using sustainable, 100% pure soy wax. We make sure your conscience is clear by making a product that is kind to the environment and completely biodegradable. An added benefit is that any spillages can be cleaned out with soap and hot water.

"I developed this scent for early morning meditation, I love the smell of the frankincense hitting the fresh air rolling in from an open window, there is something quite magical when you’re alone when the sun rises and the house is all silent." - Sophie, founder of The Bird Box

Burn time: 40h 

225g - 30cl