Is there a danger from scented products?

January 16, 2016

Is there a danger from scented products?

I have always loved aromatherapy and candles. When I was pregnant with my second child Cece and busy nesting, I was lighting candles at every opportunity. My husband would often complain that the candles were giving him headaches, so I did some research into candles and fragrances and discovered that actually the fragrant oils could be causing all sorts of problems. I found that fragrant oils are largely used as they are a fraction of the price, but the "cost saving" actually comes at potential cost to your own health. So, I set about creating my own fragrances using natural and pure 100% essential oils. My husband and friends loved the candles and hence The Bird Box was born. 

I was really intrigued today to see this article on the BBC News website cementing all my fears. If you have spare five minutes please do read this article as it is really informative.

Happy January Birdies and I hope your new year has kicked off with lots of goals and aspirations for 2016!

With Love from 

Sophie and The Bird Box Team