Actively Balanced

October 18, 2016

Actively Balanced

Hello Birdies, 

We had a fantastic review from Actively Balanced this week! Its so nice to get some positive feedback and makes it all worth while! 

Happy reading! 


The Bird Box Team


Brands I love: The Bird Box

Posted on October 17, 2016

So last week my sister Andrea gave me a candle.. not just any candle but a candle that I have been lusting after for months! She has The Bird Box candles all round her house and they smell delicious, even when they aren’t lit and she finally gave in and let me try one!

I am hooked! I went straight home that evening, got it out of its box (which is beautifully designed) had a read of the card inside and whilst pondering on “whats my intention” I lit the candle and spent the evening relaxing in its soft glow.

What’s so special about these candles?
Well firstly they are completely natural! The wax is made from Soy and the scent is from essential oils rather than fragrant oils that other luxury candles are filled with. This means that there are no processed oils or chemicals involved in their creation which means no headaches when they have been lit for a while (anyone else get this?!) – they are beautifully natural. Andrea even had them lit when she was in labour to help her relax!

They are also so reasonable in relation to other luxury candles. This particular candle is £24, which in comparison to Dyptique (£42), Neom (£30) and Jo Malone (£42) this is an excellent price!

You can view the website here

Let me know what you think about them – I hope you love them as much as I do! 🙂

A xx


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